Guest Book for Catherine M. (Allen) Stephens

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Posted by: Charles Stephens
Thu March 14, 2019
From Joe & Charlie

Our Mom was a kind and generous person, beloved by so many, passed away far too young.  She always said we could be whoever we wanted to be.  Even under the most adverse experiences, tragedies, and health complications, she remained a strong person and this strength shone through during her final fight with cancer.  And even through these experiences and her cancer, she always remained strong sharing stories and meals to all.  She wanted everyone to continue on with their lives and was more concerned with how we were doing and if we were happy.  Mom was EVERYONE’s rock and she is one Lady who will be sorely missed by not only her children, but everyone.

Our mother was born in 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, completing Catholic school.  She married early to our Dad, “Big” Joe, and quickly became a U.S. Navy wife (which she loved).  Then she had “Little” Joe and I.  When we were growing up our Mom made sure we were always taken care of.  She would easily sacrifice her own happiness for ours.  We’ll never forget the warm Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that we had every year, simply because she wanted to enjoy a nice meal with her Family.  We went to our grandmother’s house, and we spent time with our Aunts and Uncles and Great-grandparents, but she always made sure to have quality time with us.  

In our younger years, Joe and I never knew how hard it was for Mom, all we cared about was “what are we going to be for Halloween”, or “is Santa coming to our house?”, or, “why are our birthdays at the very end of the year?”  Now we too know the challenges of being a parent.

In her endless desire to help people, Mom later achieved a degree and worked as a nurse that included caring for patients on the aids and oncology floor (imagine that).  Her health began to deteriorate while she was a Nurse and had to retire early.  

I think it’s safe to say that we all agree that Mom could, at times, be quite hard headed and she would stand her ground.  NO ONE could tell her she was wrong …. even if she was (and she knew that).  With that, this made her the fighter that we all knew her to be.

She did love to travel and Colorado too.  She was able to get to Scotland, Mexico, Spain and Italy, all with beautiful memories.  She actually loved the beach too.  With that said, growing up Joe and I always thought it strange and wondered why we brought an extra blanket and a card table to the beach while growing up.  She couldn’t handle the sun, so she had to sit under the blanketed table to avoid the direct sunlight.  All we ever saw was this hand coming out of the blanket reaching out for something to eat or drink.  Whatever it took to make her boys happy, she would do it.

While there was a separation in their lives, Mom and Dad reunited and remarried in 1994.  Already the consummate care-giver, she lovingly took care of Dad the rest of his life.  I believe that was when I saw the most positive change in Dad’s outlook on life, now that Mom was back in his life.

Her inexhaustible love for cats, her “Babies,” was VERY visible in her life and home.  To her, no cat should go without food or the boundless love she could and did provide them.  As a result, I now have what seems to be infinite knowledge about cats.

She was a woman of faith.  I think that was where she found her solace and in giving back.  Mom always got things in pairs, the one she needed and then the one someone else might need.  She would literally give anyone the shirt off of her back and go out of her way to help someone in need.  In these last few years, she still gave the best of herself to her faith and to her family.

We’ve learned a lot from our mother.  She truly worked very hard throughout her life and was always there for us when we needed her.  When we were younger we weren’t able to comprehend how much time and care she put into her family.  Now that I have children of my own I can truly appreciate the amount of effort she put in to raising us and for this I will always be appreciative.  We learned how important a strong work ethic is and how remaining positive can help us get through life’s biggest challenges.

Tender, loving, and caring wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Cassie lives on in our memories.  She lives on in the quiet joys and lessons she brought to her life and relationships.  Above all else, her wisdom, kindness, and compassion will be with us forever.  We love you so much Mom and wish that we had more time together.  We will cherish all of the great memories we had and will carry your values with us.  You will be missed by all and your memory will live in us all forever.